Set of 10 Die Cut Gemstone Postcards


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Collect all 5 postcard designs of our first collection with this pack of 10!

2 each of 5 designs. Perfect for sending one of each and keeping one of each for your permanent collection.

This shades of green die cut gemstone postcard set is visually stunning individually but especially all together.

All 10 postcards are beautifully hand packaged in a two toned reusable Jade envelope with a free Paper Gems die cut postcard. The back of the package features a hand typed description on our Fluorite sticky note. All carefully tied together with twine and wax sealed with the Paper Gems icon.

All five gemstone postcards have shiny touches of clear foil and full color printing on both sides. They are die cut with no border for the most lifelike effect.

On the back side of the postcards, along with lines to write the address and a picture perfect place to put your postage, you can find the gemstone’s name, chemical composition, and a few qualities the gemstone is known for.

Each card is larger than standard postcard size and made of ultra thick quality cardstock. Spot foil on both sides catch the light for a lovely shine while you can easily write on and affix postage to the uncoated parts of the backside.

Due to the size and non-rectangular shape, additional postage beyond the postcard rate is needed in order to mail within the USA. See FAQ for more info on postage rates.

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